Uncle Mikes Rocket Shack (BEWARE)

Phoenix, Arizona 2 comments

I went on his web site to look up something.I was shocked to see a picture of a dog peeing on something and when you click on it, it is actually a page where he knocks down people that bought things from him and that where not satisfied and remarked that they weren't satisfied one on EBAY.

He calls them names accuses one person of being like Hitler, really because he was unsatisfied with a product I found this insulting at best, under Hitler many many people died. To compare a unhappy buyer to Hitler makes what Hitler did seem light. This person is far from professional.

BEWARE!!and stay away because if you buy a bad product from this person you too may end up on his hit list of nastiness.

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Northville, Michigan, United States #790042

Pius Job

Is this complainers name. He stiffed us on an order.

Northville, Michigan, United States #647392

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